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Michelle Murrain tech at murrain.net
Sat Feb 22 23:23:48 EST 2003

At 5:40 PM -0800 2/22/03, Nicole Zimmerman wrote:
>When running a report that takes a long time, involves a lot of queries,
>and returns a lot of data, the application on the client side crashes
>(possibly running out of memory on either end?). When this happens, the
>application on the client side completely closes (posting events to the
>System Log in Win2k that indicates it unexpectedly quit) and there are no
>connections showing through 'netstat' on that machine.
>However, on the postgres server, the connection to the client is still
>shown as "ESTABLISHED" and insertions into the same database stop
>happening (through another process). The account running the report is a
>read-only user, the account attempting inserts obviously is not. Reports
>that run and exit correctly do not cause this problem, only reports that
>Obviously this poses problems to database-driven applications that need to
>be able to insert data no matter what is happening on the reports side.
>Restarting postgres clears the connection from the user forceably, but
>this isn't a very practical solution.
>Has anyone using postgres seen this before? Is there a workaround either
>through postgres or through the ODBC driver itself?

Can you give a bit more detail? I have recently set up a fairly 
complex (with a fair number of records) database application with 
Crystal Reports on the front end and Postgresql on the back end, and 
have not seen this problem.

How many tables are you trying to get data from? how many records? 
What are the specs of the client machine?

Could be a combination of factors - but could also be a bug the 
postgresODBC folks need to know about.

Also - do you know whether other factors which might crash the client 
have the same effect?

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