O/T Re: [Techtalk] Re: Tip for buying old hardware :-)

Mike kenziem at sympatico.ca
Sat Feb 22 16:12:32 EST 2003

On Friday 21 February 2003 22:43, Jessica Smith wrote:
> Hi Brenda,
> At 21/02/03 09:15 PM -0500, you wrote:
> >To my credit... I remember Trash 80's, VisiCalc, System 3, Realia
> Now, now girlfriend - don't you go diss'in no Trash 80s!  ;-)
> I learned BASIC (and avoided Assembler!) on my old Tandy Color (sic)
> Computer, and have many fond memories... Mind you, even though it's still
> sitting in the closet, I'm more likely to run an emulator on my PC these
> days - just for nostalgia mind you.  :-)

I collect old dinosaurs that are sitting in peoples closets.  I missed the 
early PC's I started with a IBM 1130 cards and all.   I often come home now 
and find a machine left on my doorstep.

vi is now available for the commodore 64  

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