[Techtalk] CUPS -- Detects Printer, but Aborts Print Jobs (Lexmark Z43)

Charlotte Oliver charlotte.oliver at rcn.com
Fri Feb 21 22:58:28 EST 2003

Heya folks --

I'm trying to set up my Lexmark Z43 under Redhat 7.x.  I've never set up
a printer under Linux before and I have to admit I'm terribly confused.

I'm witnessing the same behavior under CUPs and KDE's Printer
Configuration tool, so I don't know if they're just fancy interfaces to
the same thing or if my problem lies outside of CUPs.

I downloaded the driver from www.linuxprinting.org and created a PPD
filter and copied it over to the proper directory (same with cupsomatic)
and changed the permissions.  The Add Printer wizard in CUPs sees my
printer and actually gives me a choice of a couple of drivers, so I'm
guessing that the driver is properly installed.  Do I guess correctly?

Happily installed, I go to print a test page within CUPs and I get one
of two behaviors.  Either the print job is instantly aborted or it tells
me that it printed successfully -- however, nothing prints.

The last job I sent to the printer aborted and the logfile seems to
indicate that it is aborting because of Status 32.  I did a little
searching on the web and it points me back to Ghostscript, saying that
my driver is probably not installed in Ghostscript.

Doing a gs -h, I discover that z42_cmyk is *not* listed.  But if it's
not listed, why is CUPs showing a driver for it in the Add Printer
wizard?  And if not, how do I go about recompiling Ghostscript to have
it?  (I know how to compile from source, but the documentation for
Ghostscript isn't very clear as to what you have to do to get particular
drivers installed).

This error message also keeps showing up in my logs and I haven't been
able to figure out what it means: 
mallinfo: arena = 1372608, used = 1280544, free = 92064

Help!  I feel like I'm running in circles and I'm terribly frustrated.


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