[Techtalk] Network Neighborhood/network connection drop

Hamster hamster at hamsternet.org
Thu Feb 20 23:54:06 EST 2003


> 1.  How do I get a Linux machine to be displayed in Network Neighborhood on
> my Windows 98 machines?  The Linux machine is running SuSE 8.1  I can ping
> the Linux machine from any of the Windows machines successfully.

As long as your linux machine is running samba, and samba is configured with
the same "workgroup" as your windows machines, and its been setup with a
netbios name, then your windows machines will be able to see your linux box in
network neighbourhood.

> 2.  When copying files from a Windows machine to the Linux machine the
> network connection to the Linux machine will be dropped after a period of
> time (always varies).  I have to restart the network on the Linux machine
> only to get the connection going again, so it appears that the Linux
> machine is dropping the connection.  How might I correct this?

Am I correct in guessing the windows box in runnin either 95 or 98?


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