[Techtalk] Network Neighborhood/network connection drop

Rick Harwood harwoor at chartermi.net
Tue Feb 18 22:45:09 EST 2003

I need a little help with a problem that I am having, actually two
problems.  They may or may not be related.

1.  How do I get a Linux machine to be displayed in Network Neighborhood on
my Windows 98 machines?  The Linux machine is running SuSE 8.1  I can ping
the Linux machine from any of the Windows machines successfully.

2.  When copying files from a Windows machine to the Linux machine the
network connection to the Linux machine will be dropped after a period of
time (always varies).  I have to restart the network on the Linux machine
only to get the connection going again, so it appears that the Linux
machine is dropping the connection.  How might I correct this?

Thank you for any help that you can give with either of these questions.

-Rick Harwood

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