[Techtalk] about RBLs (well, not quite)

Dan Richter daniel.richter at wimba.com
Thu Feb 20 12:24:29 EST 2003

This isn't directly related to the subject of discussion, but if you want 
to fight spam, may I recommend SpamCop's free spam reporting service? 
SpamCop uses a Perl script to remove fake headers and find disguised URLs. 
It even finds the abuse address of the culprit's ISP. You don't have to 
know anything about the Internet: just paste the e-mail into the online 
form and hit the button.

I get tons of spam on my job, and I use SpamCop every day. Sometimes I even 
get the same spam as last week but from a different ISP, so I know that the 
spammer got bumped.

Now, you have to give SpamCop your e-mail address because the ISP might 
want to correspond with you concerning your complaint. (In practice this 
happens VERY rarely.) If you're paranoid, get a disposable address from 
Sneakemail <http://www.sneakemail.com>, which offers limited services for free.

In case you're wondering, I'm not affiliated with SpamCop or Sneakemail. 
But I use their services and am quite satisfied. It's such a good feeling 
to fry spammers.

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