[Techtalk] Tracing Telnet Sessions

Scott Sandeman-Allen (RSCorp) scott at rscorp.ab.ca
Fri Feb 14 09:35:40 EST 2003

Hello All,

I hope this is a simple question so it does not take too
much bandwidth.

I'm trying to Telnet into a legacy system that I now have to
work with. It is an HP 9000 running custom database front
end that is at least 15 years old and curses based.

I'm having serous trouble becasue they are not using
standard control characters etc. and I want to trace my
sessions, and hopefully debug the problem(s).

So, now for what is probably a dumb question: How do I make
telnet and whatever terminal it is emulating, trace/log to a

I've tried: telnet -d -n out.txt <server> <port>

No joy 8-(

Thanks for any assistance,


PS. Nice list, pleasant responses. Very refreshing!

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