[Techtalk] Help with Javascript and XML

mlynx at attbi.com mlynx at attbi.com
Fri Feb 14 02:11:28 EST 2003

Can I use Javascript to populate the fields of a webform where the 
information is stored in an XML file?  For example, I have a list 
of books and prices that I want to extract out of a database and 
place it into an XML document and then use that information to 
present titles and prices to the viewer of the page.  

I need to specify that this is for an academic exercise and so must 
remain single tier and must be done using Javascript and XML, I 
already know how much easier it would be to implement this in a two 
or three tier architecture.

I have managed to create code that functions in Internet Explorer 6, 
and would be happy to share this with anyone who asks, but I really 
want something that functions equally well on Linux (Imagine my shame
 in having to turn in code that won't function on my Linux laptop, to 
an Instructor who works for Microsoft).

mlynx at attbi.com

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