[Techtalk] Infrared with an Acer 612tx

Claudia Calcagno tnudgal at inwind.it
Mon Feb 10 22:08:36 EST 2003

Hi all of you!
I have an Acer TM 612tx with an infrared port and it would be very nice to make it work
(in order to use lirc,irnet etc etc etc) with other laptops (a firend of mine  has the same laptop )
but during the past days I didn't succeded in doing it.
I'll try to explain what happens to me:
at the beginning I created the requested devices (as suggested in the Infrared HOWTO),the I modified the modules.conf (as suggested in the same HOWTO). I discovered that I have a FIR device and that the modules is smc-ircc .I also did "setserial /dev/ttyS1 uart none" so that the  serial port is "free".
Then I did "irattach irda0 -s"  and see if the output of ifconfig is correct (and it is!!!)
Then I tested my configuration with  irdadump and irdaping.
The fact is that they seem to work properly ( I can see my laptop and also my friend's laptop) ,but when I try to set
up pppd or irnet to make the two laptops communicate with each other they can't connect!!!
If I have a look at /var/log/messages I see that the ppp connections starts but it falls down after a few time because
it can't find the other laptop!!
Any ideas???
Thanks Claudia

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