[Techtalk] shell scripting - modifying your prompt

Maria Blackmore mariab at cats.meow.at
Wed Feb 12 00:16:34 EST 2003

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Hans Tegnerud wrote:

> Ok, now I feel a little silly. After giving it a try again it works. The
> last time I tried it was on a VT, now though via SSH to the linux host it
> seems to work. Maybe it has something to do with working through SSH (with
> Putty) and directly on a VT ...but more likely I missed something obvious.
> :)


The reason that they have different effects in different places is that
the codes you are using are ANSI escape sequences, and as such will only
work on display devices that support ANSI escape sequences :)

there are various other caveats, of course, and add into that the fact
that screen (1) can translate between various (esoteric) terminal types,
all this makes colours on a terminal without the aid of curses quite .. uh
.. "interesting" :)

have fun


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