[Techtalk] shell scripting - modifying your prompt

Hans Tegnerud hans_tegnerud at chello.se
Wed Feb 12 01:07:11 EST 2003

> Hmm, my husband helped set mine up, so I'm not really sure on the
> details.  But using color switches like \[\e[32m\] (that's green) worked
> me.
> You can see my .prompt here - http://www.icecavern.net/~qirien/prompt - be
> warned, it's pretty messy.  The color constants I defined might be useful
> you, though.  It also uses a little Ruby script called cutpwd that you can
> find here - http://www.icecavern.net/~qirien/cutpwd - basically, if you're
> a directory structure longer than length x, it trims it to be length x
with a
> little "..." on the beginning.  Very useful, IMHO, especially when
> Java code trees.

Ok, now I feel a little silly. After giving it a try again it works. The
last time I tried it was on a VT, now though via SSH to the linux host it
seems to work. Maybe it has something to do with working through SSH (with
Putty) and directly on a VT ...but more likely I missed something obvious.

Thanx for reminding me to give it a new try!


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