[Techtalk] bandwidth hogging

Jennifer Davis davi0302 at algonquinc.on.ca
Sat Feb 1 22:41:16 EST 2003

	Something is terribly wrong with my LAN and I don't know how to fix so 
I thought I would turn to Techtalk.  So, thanks in advance.  I should be 
getting downloads of 300KB/s and all I seem to manage is 10, and the 
dowloads grind to a halt.  I haven't been able to do much on my 
connection in probably two months.  It's fine for surfing and mail, but 
little else.
	I have a 3MB Bell Sympatico ADSL connection that runs PPPoE.  I usae 
the Roaring Penguin PPPoE tool to make the connection.  The computer is 
a classic maquerafing system.  I use a P200 box with two nic cards.  The 
PC does not have a GUI, just a CLIE.  It runs Slackware 8.1 with the 
default 2.4.18 kernel.  The firewall is IP chains, and I got it from 
www.pmfirewall.org.  I have the computers on the LAN connected with a 
10/100 Switch.

	I am at a total loss on this.  When I was on line with tech support, 
they had me connect my "modem" to the PC directly, and with Windows XP, 
I managed to get a download of 342KB/s on a service pack from Microsoft. 
  Any help would be really appreciated on this.  I can't think of 
anything I have changed in the past little while that would cause the 
LAN to slow down.  My guess is that it's the firewall.

	Thanks in advance


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