[Techtalk] Re: wi-fi

James jas at spamcop.net
Mon Dec 1 13:05:58 EST 2003

On Sun, 30 Nov 2003 20:27:38 -0800, Carla Schroder <carla at bratgrrl.com> 

> On Sunday 30 November 2003 8:02 pm, John White wrote:
>> Having a 2.4GHz wireless network is exactly the
>> reason why I only buy 900 MHz cordless phones. No
>> frequency conflicts, no neighbors too close, covers
>> the whole (little) yard with either one.
> But 2.4 sounds like, you know, more! Bigger! Better! Must have more,
> bigger, better.

Another good reason to use 802.11a (5.0GHz) then ;-)


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