[Techtalk] microphone

Katie Bechtold katie at katie-and-rob.org
Sun Aug 31 17:51:26 EST 2003

I was going through Meredydd's filesystem course, and I came to this

cat somefile.au > /dev/audio
cat /dev/audio > my_first_recording.au

I hadn't been using the microphone that's attached to my computer,
but I thought this would be a good opportunity to try it out.  I
recorded this sound file in which I say "one two three":
which to me sounds really static-y and definitely too slow.  Any
suggestions on what might be going wrong?

FWIW, my sound card is a SB Live! EMU10k1, and I'm running Red Hat

Katie Bechtold         http://katie-and-rob.org/

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