[Techtalk] Recieving proto UDP, 2, packet's, question's.

joe shindlin jojotheracoon at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 29 06:19:37 EST 2003

Hi maria, i'm going to try and pick through the
"red-herring" part's of your message, for it seem's to
be pointed to more advanced user's? 

Maria typed:
> The dialup problem will probably be resolved with
> much slapping of your
> ISP, but if they're still hostile to Linux, leave. 
> Find another ISP, one
> with support techs who do more than script-read :)

I actually wish they *did* script read, or anything
really. In any case i can't find another ISP in my
area that support's Linux, i guess i'm stuck with who
i have. 
I don't think Linux is widly accepted as a desktop OS
yet, at least for the bigger ISP's, i'm going to
*have* to learn to deal, which i why i wrote to this
list, thinking someone mabey had gone through the
Thank's for the advise maria. 
joe. =)

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