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iriXx dev_null at
Mon Apr 7 20:39:38 EST 2003


forgot to ask very fundamental question.

now i have this 20gb external USB baby, how do i mount it under 
mandrake? i have mandrake 8.2 on my old desktop machine and need to get 
into the mdk partition on the drive that came out of my laptop - now in 
the USB caddy - to retrieve some data before i wipe it.

im not sure what device this then becomes, so i havent managed to mount 
it yet... where should i be looking?...



iriXx wrote:
> hi all
> sorry long time no see. been doing disastrous things like blowing up my 
> old thinkpad!!!.... major panic, i nearly lost my book which was on the 
> hdd. luckily i only blew the power fuse tho, was able to transplant the 
> hdd into an external USB caddy.
> now i have a 20Gb spare drive and a new baby (a dell latitude cpx, yum 
> :) so im wondering if i can run linux from an external hdd? it would be 
> much easier than doing the whole partition magic thing, altho i got a 
> copy of pm 8.0 just in case.... am running windows Borg Edition XP now 
> which i really dont like... have to keep it for work tho (erk) so i 
> wanna try getting GNU/Linux onto this machine asap :).
> any ideas?
> bw
> m~

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