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Conor Daly conor.daly at oceanfree.net
Tue Apr 8 17:21:42 EST 2003

On Mon, Apr 07, 2003 at 08:39:38PM +0100 or so it is rumoured hereabouts, 
iriXx thought:
> oops.
> forgot to ask very fundamental question.
> now i have this 20gb external USB baby, how do i mount it under 
> mandrake? i have mandrake 8.2 on my old desktop machine and need to get 
> into the mdk partition on the drive that came out of my laptop - now in 
> the USB caddy - to retrieve some data before i wipe it.
> im not sure what device this then becomes, so i havent managed to mount 
> it yet... where should i be looking?...

My RH72 box uses 'hotplug' for USB devices.  So long as it's running:

	chkconfig --add hotplug		# Have chkconfig manage it
	chkconfig hotplug on		# Enable it for various runlevels
	/etc/init.d/hotplug start	# Start it now

You just plug in the USB device and it gets recognised.  The USB caddy
should be seen as a storage device (modprobe usb-storage) at /dev/sda
(this will be different if you have other scsi stuff on the system).  You
should find your mdk partitions where you'd normally expect them except
under /dev/sda instead of /dev/hda

Conor (now all you need is to boot the Winxp box off USB...)
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