[Techtalk] running linux from external usb hdd?

iriXx dev_null at iriXx.org
Mon Apr 7 20:37:45 EST 2003

abbey wrote:

> So, I'm curious about the partitioning? Why get PM when Linux does it for you? 
> What am I missing??
> (yeah, a hard-core newbie here, I don't think I'll ever *graduate*)

uhh problem here is i have one big partition already and i dont want to 
wipe it having spent days setting it up. plus im aware that the 
preinstaleld copy of windows XP Borg Edition has phone home software in 
it which tells MS whether i am 'trustworthy' or not... treacherous 
computing as RMS calls it and i agree. but the problem is, i have to use 
this wretched OS for the few bits of paid work i get. sooo... until i 
can get my hands on mandrake 9.1 which includes ntfsresize - and that'll 
be a while, having just forked out for a new computer - im gonna have to 
make do with pm. plus im safe with PM cos if it all goes pear shaped i 
can just delete the partition and re-do it rather than having to format 
c:.... guess im just kinda still a bit freaked out after (rather 
literally) blowing up my old laptop....!


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