[Techtalk] wanted: simple easy to use mailing list app

Terri Oda terri at zone12.com
Mon Nov 25 22:39:03 EST 2002

Have you looked at Majordomo?  It's in perl, at least.  And I gather if you
get the MajorCool web interface to go with it, it's fairly nicely useable. 
It'd probably break a hundred ways if you upgraded perl, but given that you
can't even install python on the machine, I imagine you don't have to worry
quite so much about that.

Also, what mail server is it running?  I think some may have list
functionality built-in, which might make your life easier.

Do a search on "mailing list software" in these archives if you've got a
moment (google can search just our archives if you so desire) because I know
there've been list recommendations for things other than mailman or
majordomo in the past, but those are the two I've used extensively and feel
comfy recommending.  Teh only other name that comes to mind is "smartlist"
and I don't remember anything about it.


On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 01:18:40AM +0000, dev_null at irixx.org wrote:
> hi all,
> im helping set up a website for a record label and we need to install a
> mailing list application - preferably CGI as we have only perl, php and
> mySQL on our unix-based server. this means no Mailman unfortunately as it
> runs on python... :-(
> we're looking for something with a web interface, as of course we only
> have access to the usual remote login with cgi-bin... we can ftp and
> telnet to the site but cant do much more in the way of config....
> at the moment we've found various pieces of software which will do mass-mailing, but nothing that will allow readers to mail back to the list - this is essential for our project...
> any suggestions will be muchly appreciated....
> best
> m~
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