[Techtalk] wanted: simple easy to use mailing list app

dev_null at irixx.org dev_null at irixx.org
Mon Nov 25 02:18:40 EST 2002

hi all,

im helping set up a website for a record label and we need to install a mailing list application - preferably CGI as we have only perl, php and mySQL on our unix-based server. this means no Mailman unfortunately as it runs on python... :-(

we're looking for something with a web interface, as of course we only have access to the usual remote login with cgi-bin... we can ftp and telnet to the site but cant do much more in the way of config....

at the moment we've found various pieces of software which will do mass-mailing, but nothing that will allow readers to mail back to the list - this is essential for our project...

any suggestions will be muchly appreciated....


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