[Techtalk] RE: Networking Options

Arashi showercurtain2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 20 01:44:23 EST 2002

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on networking with my
sister's computer.  A few more details:  the house is in Melbourne
and actually belongs to my parents (though I don't think they'll mind
if the holes are inconspicuous). This is going to be our summer
project. Unfortunately, the diagram I posted isn't right. I don't
have the correct diagram but my sister says my bedroom is on the
<opposite> side of the house.  This means our bedrooms are separated
by the hallway wall, the kitchen and dining/lounge room. Apparently,
the main bathroom is next to my bedroom.  Perhaps we could just drill
a hole in the ceiling and run the ethernet cable diagonally across
the house?  Does anyone know if possums find cables delicious?

As if that weren't enough, my uni says Red Hat is compulsory for my
course next year - we can't use any other distro.  Would it be better
to install RH first, then set up the network?  And if I decide to
have a dual boot computer (Win/Linux, or maybe Linux/FreeBSD), which
OS handles the networking bits?   


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