[Techtalk] RE: Networking Options

Ms. Piglet listpig at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 20 09:25:34 EST 2002

Have you considered going wireless?  The incidence of possums eating the
bits wandering thru the airwaves seems to be minimal. <g>

We've got a mixed network, part wireless and part cabled, based on distance,
and it seems to work well.


On 11/20/02 2:44,  <showercurtain2000 at yahoo.com> shared this thought:

> Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on networking with my
> sister's computer.  A few more details:  the house is in Melbourne
> and actually belongs to my parents (though I don't think they'll mind
> if the holes are inconspicuous). This is going to be our summer
> project. Unfortunately, the diagram I posted isn't right. I don't
> have the correct diagram but my sister says my bedroom is on the
> <opposite> side of the house.  This means our bedrooms are separated
> by the hallway wall, the kitchen and dining/lounge room. Apparently,
> the main bathroom is next to my bedroom.  Perhaps we could just drill
> a hole in the ceiling and run the ethernet cable diagonally across
> the house?  Does anyone know if possums find cables delicious?
> As if that weren't enough, my uni says Red Hat is compulsory for my
> course next year - we can't use any other distro.  Would it be better
> to install RH first, then set up the network?  And if I decide to
> have a dual boot computer (Win/Linux, or maybe Linux/FreeBSD), which
> OS handles the networking bits?
> cheers
> Berenice
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