[Techtalk] Chicken

Dave North dave at timocharis.com
Sat Nov 16 20:07:07 EST 2002

> Dave, this is interesting: could you please expound a bit more on the
> flakiness?

Not with any useful authority. I can't remember when it first appeared (I
think 8.1? hold on ... yeah, that's what my notes say anyway). I did note
all manner of weird bustage that seemed to be related, and it got worse
(the install degraded) over a couple of weeks. In looking through kernel
traffic, some of what was showing up as devfs problems seemed to be
similar to my own troubles, but that's been a while.
	I haven't used Mandrake much since then. The keybindings drove me
to distraction, and the 8.1 install destroyed itself twice (once by using
the update tool).
	I have installed 8.2, but after pondering it a bit and trying a
few things out, I just let it bit rot unless I was trying to answer
someone's question. Recently I blanked that partition and put librenet on
it. Very interesting distro.
	I have been following the devfs issues as they appear on kernel
traffic, and it seems it's probably not going to get maintstreamed in its
current form, but I could be misreading.
	As far as I know, Mandrake is the only distro valiantly trying to
make it work.
	I do not know how successfully it runs without devfs; I didn't
successfully transit it to the crufty old /dev (and blew some things up
	Oh well.


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