[Techtalk] Chicken

Dave North dave at timocharis.com
Sat Nov 16 14:37:28 EST 2002

> Once upon a time, Mandrake was "Red Hat plus KDE and more languages".
> I don't think it's fair to Mandrake or to Red Hat to say the same
> now. I haven't looked at Mandrake in ages, but examples...

Good examples, and there are plenty more (other admin tools, flaky devfs
on Mandrake) etc.
	At this point, it's almost like the only thing they share is rpm
itself. The "flavor" of the two distributions is completely different when
I start them up, and the things that work well (or not) are different
also. They share a common heritage (redhat) but almost nothing else at
this point.
	SuSE also uses rpm, of course, and is quite different from either
RH or Mandy.


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