[Techtalk] Moz-a-browser II

Nils Philippsen nils at wombat.dialup.fht-esslingen.de
Mon Nov 11 19:21:51 EST 2002

[ Cc:ing techtalk as it seems this reply belongs there as well ]

On Mon, 2002-11-11 at 17:53, Andrew wrote:
> Hello Nils,
> 	I am using both plug-ins Java and Flash. It seem they are everywhere.

Yes it does, indeed.

> The reoccuring problem is screen redraw, where in the browser freezes an

That's a normal manifestation of X programs hanging.

> if i drag a icon over the browser it repeats it self in a pretty
> pattern, nice to look at but not good for getting things done. Do you
> know of a fix?

For the moment, none except de-installing the Flash and/or Java plugins.
Java plugins have gotten better lately from my experience, so you might
want to start with disabling Flash. Unfortunately, both are
binary-only/proprietary plugins where only the manufacturer can really
help you with problems.

You could also use Galeon and Mozilla as a combo where you'd install the
plugins in the app's plugin directory _beneath your home_ (~/.mozilla or
~/.galeon -- you have to do that as both use the
/usr/lib/mozilla/plguins directory for system-wide installation). Then
use the "disabled" browser for normal surfing and the "enabled" one on
pages that you need/want to have with Flash/Java.

> 	Baring a simple correction, I would like to clean out the browsers and
> start fresh, without affecting Konquror, I use Konq to do system/file
> moving.

I don't think that this is necessary.

> 	In furtherance of my Linux education I could use a clarification on
> Jen's statement, about another situation but it applies here.
> >"Then you will need to read the INSTALL file and find the script
> >(usually a make script similar to 'make clean') that gets read of the
> >detritus of failed installation attempts, run it,
> 		Question; is it likely each build (of foo) will have its own
> "cleaning script or should I just issue the command "make clean" while
> in that directory?

Most software (using the make command) has a "make clean" rule, which
usually cleans the build tree of all the built object files. Sometimes
it also has "make realclean" or (in the case of the Linux kernel) "make
mrproper" rules which e.g. remove built dependencies as well. Typing
"make clean" shouldn't hurt unless the package maintainer is malevolent
to you ;-) -- if this rule is missing, you will see an error message
hurting no one.

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