[Techtalk] evolution and ipop3d

/dev/null dev_null at iriXx.org
Thu Nov 7 03:48:24 EST 2002

> That was what I was saying - the *server* is well within spec. It's perfectly 
> entitled not to understand CAPA. The client, however, just QUITs with no 
> warning after having sent the username, even though it got the correct 
> response. Hence, it's the client's fault. BAD client!
> Meredydd

so this is likely to produce error messages on the client?
this is exactly what i struggle with on Evolution - sometimes it prompts 
me to enter my password, which then fails. i have exactly the same 
problem with netscape 7.0 in (gasp!) windows and - to a lesser degree - 
  mozilla 1.1 in gnu/linux... netscape / mozilla is well known for 
overusing QUIT....


"While UNIX says ``I'm sorry you can't do that'', MacOS has exactly two 
error messages. It either goes ``eep?'' or the setup box is simply not 
there until 12 other unidentified items have been installed and three 
apparently unrelated dialog boxes have been completed. "

- Alan Cox

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