[Techtalk] evolution and ipop3d

Meredydd Luff meredydd at everybuddy.com
Thu Nov 7 02:41:44 EST 2002

On Thursday 07 November 2002 01:21, Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:
> > That's officially Ximian's fault - I was looking up the RFC the other
> > day, and a POP server only *needs* to support the message retrieval and
> > deletion commands, and though it's not unreasonable to require it to
> > support USER and PASS authentication methods, your server is behaving
> > completely within spec there, and Evolution is behaving very
> > antisocially. BAD client!
> I think your diagnosis is incorrect. Look at the log below and see that
> what it doesn't understand is the CAPA command (no problem, it just
> falls back to normal username and password stuff after that). The POP
> server claims that it _does_ understand USER and PASS (see the third
> line).
> So the Evolution client sent the username correctly, but did not send
> the password (it send a QUIT command instead). I do not know why that is
> happening, though.
> Malcolm

That was what I was saying - the *server* is well within spec. It's perfectly 
entitled not to understand CAPA. The client, however, just QUITs with no 
warning after having sent the username, even though it got the correct 
response. Hence, it's the client's fault. BAD client!


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