[Techtalk] msec what is it, and why is it in an hourly cron?

E. Sterling Wall sterling at sumgai.co.uk
Tue Nov 5 19:34:22 EST 2002

OK, I've got this server which keeps crashing, and I've tried to find
ANY reason at all that it won't stay up. The good news is that this
machine has been tuned like no other sever I've ever run (not that
that's saying much...). The bad news is that it still doesn't want to
stay up. On average it crashes twice per day. Occasionally more, and
sometimes it goes a whole day without crashing. The logs are of little
help. There is nothing obvious left which happens any time in the
vicinity of the crashes. I'm truly boggled.

So, I've started just looking for random things. Now, there is a link to
msec sitting in the cron/hourly directory, and I was wondering if I
could just kill that and see if it didn't hurt anything. I don't
actually KNOW what msec does, though. There's no man entry for it... The
logs show that it is changing file ownership and mods on several files,
though. (changing ownership from root to adm usually) That seems a bit
odd to me. Why in the world would it need to do that? Can anyone tell me
what this thing does and if it's OK to delete it from cron?

-- sterling

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