[Techtalk] HELP:mounting from floppy and save file into floppy

Carlo Hamalainen ch at uqconnect.net
Tue Nov 5 19:50:50 EST 2002

On Tue, 5 Nov 2002, Gina Lanik wrote:
> When you have managed to mount the floppy a simple 'cp' of the
> compressed file to /mnt/floppy (or whatever the mount-point might be)
> should be all you have to do!

Or, if you have the mtools package installed, you can just do
"mdir" to peek at the floppy, "mcopy blah a:" to copy to the floppy, etc,
without bothering to mount/unmount things.

This is especially nice because it's easy to forget to unmount a floppy
and then eject it, thus causing a mess (in comparison a cd-rom or zip
drive won't give you the disk back until it's unmounted).

-- Carlo

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