[Techtalk] Intro and Gentoo

Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Sun Nov 3 03:11:54 EST 2002

Seemant Kulleen & All,

	I looked into using Gentoo and determined it was ahead of my skill
level, I use Mndrke 8.2 and it chalanges me. Mandrake has a rough
character and to many choices of GUI tools, which themselves don't
always work, for a beginer to know how to cope, though one can still get
on, in  Gentoo that is probably not the case. There is a way to go for
all desktop GUI users, this, Mandrake, is reported to be one of the
easiest. Gentoo sounds like it is about choices, a great way to a
streamlined, less bulky box, more robust, but you need to know what to
choose, something that takes Linux experience. Someday I will look at it
	I would like to hear comments. 


On Fri, 1 Nov 2002 01:01:23 -0800
Seemant Kulleen <seemant at gentoo.org> wrote:

> Hi Linuxchix,
> I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jenn on the
> irc.openprojects.net
> #linuxchics channel which I help run at the moment.  Anyway, we got to
> talking, and I was wondering what people's impressions of gentoo linux
> were.  Note, this isn't an official survey or anything silly. It's
> just that for the past months since I've become part of the Gentoo
> team, I have had contact with mainly the developer base and the
> members of the user base who come into the #gentoo related channels on
> opn.  So this is more of a curiosity about "word on the street" as it
> were.  Comments, complaints, questions, etc? :)
> Thanks,
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