[Techtalk] Intro and Gentoo

Seemant Kulleen seemant at gentoo.org
Fri Nov 1 02:01:23 EST 2002

Hi Linuxchix,

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jenn on the irc.openprojects.net
#linuxchics channel which I help run at the moment.  Anyway, we got to
talking, and I was wondering what people's impressions of gentoo linux
were.  Note, this isn't an official survey or anything silly. It's just
that for the past months since I've become part of the Gentoo team, I have
had contact with mainly the developer base and the members of the user
base who come into the #gentoo related channels on opn.  So this is more
of a curiosity about "word on the street" as it were.  Comments,
complaints, questions, etc? :)


Seemant Kulleen
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