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** On Sat, 26 Jan 2002 18:03:48 -0600 "Ms. Piglet" <listpig at earthlink.net>dashed off this message:

**We find that pretty much as often as we have spare hardware about, some
**starving student turns up who would really like to have it.

Dunno if this is appropriate , being this is an international group ,
but in the US we hear constantly about the "ecconomic divide" adn how
all the inner city kids are being left behind.. perhaps some place more
like a "Y" , or Boys and Girls Clubs , or simular organisations would be
a good place to look for folks who wouldn't mind so much not having the
latest and greatest stuff to lern on ( and get started w/ , which seems
to be a real problem in low income places , how to get "started" .. )
once the time investment has been made  a lot of these kids start making
theri own "home nets" the way many of us did.. w/ a peice of equipment
useabale , but now "out of date" to which they can add newer bits or
boxes as they either become available or can be aqquired thru other
Seems to me there might be a whole part of teh really clever kid world
that may just be being passed by do to money constraints at the school
level as well as at home..  <sigh>


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