[Techtalk] Old Computers....

KLitman323 at aol.com KLitman323 at aol.com
Sat Jan 26 19:28:33 EST 2002

<< > You can donate them to schools, or donate them to people who 
 > could use a  computer but can't afford one.  That's how I received each 
 > one of the three I  learned on.
 You should see how many AppleIIes and even older stuff we get sent
 sometimes.  :)
 We ourselves are trying to get rid of AppleIIes and other ancients, but
 there are some kind of restrictions on us throwing them out (They
 contain toxic waste or something and we can't throw it out.  But we can
 give it to students to take home and have them throw out.  No sense at
 all :) ).  
 Our P100-200s are being declared obsolete for their current use and are
 being reassigned.  I'm taking a bunch of them and turning them into X
 - James

The therapeutic riding center I used to belong to in New Jersey had the use 
of the Director's family Apple II-C.   I sure learned something with that 
one!  That, too, got passed on to another family when someone donated a 
Pentium I Compaq to the center.  The center is still using that, and would 
love other computers.  They just opened a wonderful indoor riding facility.  

I think some of those recycling websites I shared may be useful, if not the 
schools, or other charitable organizations.  The local United Way may know of 
organizations that can use such "obsolete" equipment.


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