[Techtalk] Laptop recommendations?

elinor elinor at mn.rr.com
Sat Jan 26 17:59:59 EST 2002

OS X is pretty fun.  I have XDarwin installed on my iBook, the GIMP, 
BlackBox, GTK, Gnome, and tons of other goodies.  I find the GUI to be 
really TOO slow though.  I don't feel that a drop shadow actually 
enhances my experience of a terminal emulation window.  ;-)  The fink 
package is pretty cool for getting and finding all kinds of software.  
I've had to use OS X server for a web server where I work as well, but 
am getting ready to scrap it for Linux.  OS X still isn't all that 
stable in my opinion; I've found plenty of ways to crash my desktop 
pretty much on a daily basis!  One nice use I've found for OS X though 
is visiting Linux boxes that may or may not have monitors.  I use 
openssh and X forwarding to access one of my machines at home all the 
time.  Then, my little iBook seemingly turns into a powerhouse.  Ellie

On Saturday, January 26, 2002, at 04:35  PM, Ms. Piglet wrote:

> I'm having a *ball* with OS X, I think you'll like it. <g>  It 
> combines a
> stable GUI environment (much more luser-friendly than gnome or kde) 
> with the
> ability to function in a very Linux-like environment....I hadn't ever 
> really
> poked at BSD systems before (except to invoke scripts, which from my
> standpoint was no different than invoking them in Linux), but I really 
> like
> it.
> Apple is also trying to encourage the folks who want to hack at porting
> Linux and BSD stuff to OS X....
> --pig, who thinks Windows would be history if Apple was ambitious 
> enough to
> write OS X for Intel......
> On 1/26/02 4:24 PM,  <jeannelan at wwc.com> shared this thought:
>> I want to buy an Apple Titanium now.  It has 128 bit CPU, lots of 
>> goodies,
>> and runs the new Apple OS X - which is BSD with some lovely user
>> interfaces...next on my list.
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