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Sat Jan 26 18:21:22 EST 2002

Interesting; the only desktop crashes I've had has been when Classic mode
was running---if I'm in pure OS X, doesn't happen.  (Although individual aps
sometimes abruptly decide they've had enough and terminate---but no more
than I experienced running a pure Linux box on an Intel machine, and
probably less than with Linux/KDE.).

They're still debugging, though; staying on top of the latest upgrades
matters, both for X and for Classic mode.  I *did* experience crashes on
occasion before going to 9.2 on Classic, particularly, and also before

It *does* seem to bog down too much ("busy out" and take 20 seconds to swap
between open aps on occasion), but I'm not sure whether that's me (coming
from Windows/Linux/Intel) not grokking how to tune the box optimally,
insufficient RAM for what I'm running (although I have 192 meg), trying to
run too much at once (but it doesn't exceed what I can do on Win98) or the
system......I'm suspecting that it's in large part tuning issues.

On the other hand, it might just be the cosmos telling me that those moments
are Time to Get Another Cuppa. ;-)

--pig, running 10.1.2/9.2

On 1/26/02 4:59 PM,  <elinor at mn.rr.com> shared this thought:

> OS X is pretty fun.  I have XDarwin installed on my iBook, the GIMP,
> BlackBox, GTK, Gnome, and tons of other goodies.  I find the GUI to be
> really TOO slow though.  I don't feel that a drop shadow actually
> enhances my experience of a terminal emulation window.  ;-)  The fink
> package is pretty cool for getting and finding all kinds of software.
> I've had to use OS X server for a web server where I work as well, but
> am getting ready to scrap it for Linux.  OS X still isn't all that
> stable in my opinion; I've found plenty of ways to crash my desktop
> pretty much on a daily basis!  One nice use I've found for OS X though
> is visiting Linux boxes that may or may not have monitors.  I use
> openssh and X forwarding to access one of my machines at home all the
> time.  Then, my little iBook seemingly turns into a powerhouse.  Ellie
> On Saturday, January 26, 2002, at 04:35  PM, Ms. Piglet wrote:
>> I'm having a *ball* with OS X, I think you'll like it. <g>  It
>> combines a
>> stable GUI environment (much more luser-friendly than gnome or kde)
>> with the
>> ability to function in a very Linux-like environment....I hadn't ever
>> really
>> poked at BSD systems before (except to invoke scripts, which from my
>> standpoint was no different than invoking them in Linux), but I really
>> like
>> it.
>> Apple is also trying to encourage the folks who want to hack at porting
>> Linux and BSD stuff to OS X....
>> --pig, who thinks Windows would be history if Apple was ambitious
>> enough to
>> write OS X for Intel......
>> On 1/26/02 4:24 PM,  <jeannelan at wwc.com> shared this thought:
>>> I want to buy an Apple Titanium now.  It has 128 bit CPU, lots of
>>> goodies,
>>> and runs the new Apple OS X - which is BSD with some lovely user
>>> interfaces...next on my list.
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