[Techtalk] help!

Katie katie at katie-and-rob.org
Fri Jan 25 22:53:16 EST 2002

On Fri, 25 Jan 2002 19:21:28 -0500, James said:
> You could try making a rescue disk or a small floppy based distro
>  (Neptune Linux comes to mind).  Maybe try to run fsck then.

A number of people have suggested this, so I'm trying it.  I downloaded Tom's
root/boot (http://www.toms.net/rb) and put it on a floppy.  I then booted my
broken system from the floppy and followed the directions in the
LILO-crash-rescue HOWTO
(http://linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/LILO-crash-rescue-HOWTO-2.html).  My system fits
"scene 1" (my system does not boot), so I mounted various Linux partitions
under /rootpart, /rootpart/usr, /rootpart/boot, and so on.  And then I edited
the /etc/fstab (on the diskette) to reflect those mount points.  

Now I'm stuck at the part where the HOWTO says "And repair the problem
partitions using fsck or e2fsck commands".  Correct me if I'm wrong, but from
the error I get on boot about /lib/libc.so.6, I'm guessing that the problem
partition is / (or, in my temporary setup, /rootpart).	But how can I fsck /
(/rootpart) if I need to have it mounted to get to fsck in the first place? 
(The fsck command warned me of the dire implications of fsck-ing a mounted


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