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James james at james-web.net
Fri Jan 25 22:52:42 EST 2002

If fsck was on your rescue media, you should be able to umount your
/dev/hdx then fsck /dev/hdx.

I think I have done fsck on a mounted fs before.  But it was a dire
situation so it was like "Either way, we are screwed" and I did it.  It
fixed it, iirc.  I ended up reinstalling everything later however and
then dismantling the server.

But ask a smart person before you do anything.  My mind is elsewhere at
the moment (Net Ionic Equations).

- James

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> > You could try making a rescue disk or a small floppy based distro  
> > (Neptune Linux comes to mind).  Maybe try to run fsck then.
> A number of people have suggested this, so I'm trying it.  I 
> downloaded Tom's root/boot (http://www.toms.net/rb) and put 
> it on a floppy.  I then booted my broken system from the 
> floppy and followed the directions in the LILO-crash-rescue 
> (http://linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/LILO-crash-rescue-> HOWTO-2.html).  
> My system fits "scene 1" (my system does not 
> boot), so I mounted various Linux partitions under /rootpart, 
> /rootpart/usr, /rootpart/boot, and so on.  And then I edited 
> the /etc/fstab (on the diskette) to reflect those mount points.  
> Now I'm stuck at the part where the HOWTO says "And repair 
> the problem partitions using fsck or e2fsck commands".  
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but from the error I get on boot 
> about /lib/libc.so.6, I'm guessing that the problem
> partition is / (or, in my temporary setup, /rootpart).	
> But how can I fsck /
> (/rootpart) if I need to have it mounted to get to fsck in 
> the first place? 
> (The fsck command warned me of the dire implications of 
> fsck-ing a mounted
> partition.)
> Katie
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