[Techtalk] Linux Web Design Apps

Scott scott at scottah.com
Thu Jan 24 16:41:18 EST 2002

> I am in the process of trying to switch to a completely Linux
> environment. I am a web developer and I was wondering if anyone knew of
> any good web developing apps that are for Linux. :)
> - Leslie


I am a web developer as well and my company just 'authorized' Linux for 
official use :)  If you are used to coding by hand then check out Quanta+ 
and Bluefish, both are great editors.  I do mostly PHP and perl 
development and my laptop is now a great development toolbox with Quanta, 
Bluefish, MySQL, Postgres, Gimp, etc.  When you want something to 
get out of your way and just let you code check out nedit.


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