[Techtalk] C programming "course"

Julie jockgrrl at austin.rr.com
Thu Jan 10 22:12:20 EST 2002

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Brenda Prigg wrote:
> Hi!  My first posting (yeah) ... though I have only been subscribed for 6
> months or so.
> A C programming "course" sounds great.  I wonder if "C, A Reference
> Manual" by Harbison and Steele could work?  (As others have mentioned we
> want to stay close to standards such as ANSI.)

I was rather unimpressed by "C, A Reference Manual", though I must
admit that I bought it forever ago and was already a skilled C

Rather than something that's reference-y, how about something more
like a college textbook?  I'd be more than happy to help however I
can. But don't make me look at a book I hate!
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