[Techtalk] C programming "course"

Tania M. Morell tmorell at myquadrant.net
Wed Jan 9 19:33:55 EST 2002

Too bad you don't wanna learn perl instead... I'd be up for that


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> Hi Folks,
> OK, I want to (re)learn C Programming. A thread started on issues which
> lead to me talking about "courses" or groups that get together and
> basically learn the same stuff. The idea is that we have more of a
> structure to learn it than doing it ourselves, but we don't have to go to
> class and pay tuition.
> My proposal: a group of people who want to learn C from the beginning.
> Eventually, I'd like us to move to algorithms and data structures. I don't
> know what a critical mass would be, but I imagine if even 4 or 5 of us
> to do it, that would be enough.
> Book: How about starting with the classic, Kernighan and Ritchie? Another
> possibility: Practical C Programming (O'Rielly). Other book ideas?
> Pace: Kinda slow. I'm really busy, so I can't do a whole lot too fast.
> 2 chapters a week, maybe?
> We also need a C guru to help out. Not to write anything (unless you want
> to) but just be around to answer questions that we can't collectively
> answer ourselves.
> So, if you are interested, either in taking the course or being the guru,
> e-mail me, and I'll get things set up.
> Also, if others have other ideas for courses, that would be cool, and all
> we'd need is point people to be the coordinator for individual courses.
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