[Grrltalk] Re: [Techtalk] C programming "course"

Malin Blomqvist malin.blomqvist at home.se
Thu Jan 10 10:38:06 EST 2002

Hi girls!
This "course" thing is a great idea and I'm definitely up for it!
My personal C favourite is the good old Kerningham Richie, although it's mostly
good as a reference and maybe not as a "course book".

Tania, I really like your idea of doing Perl as well, since that's the language
I'm most interested in at the moment. Maybe we can do a Perl course too?! Anyone

This is more or less my first posting to this forum, although I've been
subscribing for some time. So maybe an introduction would be in order:

My name's Malin, I'm 27 and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I've done a master in
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science split between the Royal institute
of  Technology in Stockholm and the Department of Computer Science at Exeter
University, England. I've been using Unix and Linux since 1995, but merely as a
user although I'm planning to do my first Debian install any day. (Fingers
crossed...) At the moment I work as a consultanat doing financial software
solutions, but I used to work at an open source company and I miss that world
immensly. I'm engaged to a devoted Perl hacker and a friend of the open source
society, so I had no choice really, but getting into the open source world. :) I
was really glad when I found Linux Chix. As most of you probably, I'm used to be
surrounded by men all the time, a forum for girls is just so refreshing!

I hope everyone will have a interesting and rewarding 2002!


"Tania M. Morell" wrote:

> Too bad you don't wanna learn perl instead... I'd be up for that
> -T
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> > Hi Folks,
> >
> > OK, I want to (re)learn C Programming. A thread started on issues which
> > lead to me talking about "courses" or groups that get together and
> > basically learn the same stuff. The idea is that we have more of a
> > structure to learn it than doing it ourselves, but we don't have to go to
> > class and pay tuition.
> >
> > My proposal: a group of people who want to learn C from the beginning.
> > Eventually, I'd like us to move to algorithms and data structures. I don't
> > know what a critical mass would be, but I imagine if even 4 or 5 of us
> were
> > to do it, that would be enough.
> >
> > Book: How about starting with the classic, Kernighan and Ritchie? Another
> > possibility: Practical C Programming (O'Rielly). Other book ideas?
> >
> > Pace: Kinda slow. I'm really busy, so I can't do a whole lot too fast.
> Like
> > 2 chapters a week, maybe?
> >
> > We also need a C guru to help out. Not to write anything (unless you want
> > to) but just be around to answer questions that we can't collectively
> > answer ourselves.
> >
> > So, if you are interested, either in taking the course or being the guru,
> > e-mail me, and I'll get things set up.
> >
> > Also, if others have other ideas for courses, that would be cool, and all
> > we'd need is point people to be the coordinator for individual courses.
> >
> > .Michelle
> >
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