[Techtalk] What other unix lists do y'all subscribe to?

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I subscribe to a newsletter called Unix Insider. It's great for weekly tips and tricks about general Unix and system administration. It's written by a woman who has been a system administrator for over 17 years! Sweet!


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For FreeBSD, check this page out


--- "Tania Morell" <tmorell at myquadrant.net> wrote:
>From: "Raven, corporate courtesan" <raven at oneeyedcrow.net>
>> Heya --
>> What sort of a thing are you looking for?  A format similar to
>> techtalk, with problems and fixes?  Sysadmin?  Security?  Programming?
>> All of the above?
>sysadmin apecifically.   or something like techtalk.  linuxflux is pretty
>much an 'everything goes'  list (everything techical pertaining to unix,
>that is)  That's what I'm looking for.
>A freebsd list would be great too.  We're moving slowly from irix to
>freebsd.   slow enough to allow me to put off learning it, but the time is
>coming i'm afraid where it would do me some good to not be so ignorant
>anymore..   if can recommend one, i'd be happy to try it.
>securities, bugtrack, solaris, mutt users ... don't interest me, i'm afraid.
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