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On Sun, 2002-01-06 at 17:50, Raena Lea-Shannon wrote:

I'm moving this thread to issues. It belongs there - and is the sort of
thing we need/want to discuss there.

> Lastly I am in the process (SLOW STEEP) of setting up a site as a means
> of getting the legal profession (or such of it as has some sense) to
> move from MS to Linux and at the same time to get some of them to
> capture a bit of the spirit of Jessica Litman and Lawrence Lessig and
> ofcourse (Richard Stallman, Linux Torvalds sine qua non)  and get behind
> the GNU/Linux Open Source and do a bit of soul searching on the
> ridiculous new copyright, privacy, censorship, trade practice,
> broadcasting and international treaty (WTO, GATT, G8, World Copyright
> Convention) kind of stuff. 
> As well as general info and specific assit set up advice info and links
> I want to set up tech support by either links to other sites
> (Linuxchix?) which I do with first conferring consulting informing
> exchanging thoroughly with such sites. Then and/or/possibly/eventually
> (demand permitting) have a tech assist list on the site itself. For now
> what are peoples thoughts? 
> Would anyone like me to keep you posted on progress? If there is enough
> interest I might just post progress to Grrltalk.
> My background and interest in all this is as an Intellectual Property
> Lawyer. Please note that I am not ambulance chasing or trying to network
> for clients. I do alot of pro bono stuff in Arts and Media and have a
> conscience. For me it is a persoanl/political thing. I am disgusted at
> what is happeinig with Copyright Laws in Aust (which ftmp are a copy of
> the US DMCA sadly) and the Media Oligop in Aust is very much driving IP
> and Broadcasting policy. My practice covers small independent companies
> and individuals many are having trouble with rising restrictions on
> access to "Works" "Subject Matter Other Than Works" not to mention TV
> and Radio and Cable and Copper Wire bandwidth. Some of you may be
> familiar with our Productivity Commission which has only resulted in
> reserving TV for existing commercial players. I could go on but if any
> of you have read Jessica Litmans's Digital Copyright or Lawrence
> Lessig's Code and/or Future of Ideas books you can with a few exceptions
> say ditto for here in Aust.

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