[Techtalk] Not so Magic TVView and Misc Mouse query and Linux for Lawyers/Lawyers for Linux

Raena Lea-Shannon raen7 at ihug.com.au
Sun Jan 6 18:50:42 EST 2002

Dear Techtalk,

I hope someone can help on this(ese).

1. (out of 3)
I am running Linux on the SuSE 7.3 distro install. (BTW for a newbie the
SuSE install is pretty slick. Previously I had istalled RH 7.1. I found
this very educational and learnt how to partition using fips, and
install a dual boot. Then my el cheapo crappo hard disk died I had to
re-install and decided to try SuSE. This time I decided to stuff MS off
altogether so no MS partition/dual boot. :-) the SuSE install has
default partitioning is a nice integration. ) Anyway...

I also got an Askey Magic TvView TV card (CPHO51 TV+FM Tuner Card). My
old TV also died. (I choose not to dwell on these events at any
metaphorical or other level) 

Not being a shell Linux command guru though keenly aspirational I am
using SuSE's YAST2. It identified my TV Card, no problem and I
configured it for PAL -BG as per instructions for Australia set up. When
I open motv in a shell I get no picture or fuzz or anythng at all and
the shell says this:

This is motv-3.61, running on Linux/i686 (2.4.10-4gb)
Warning: Actions not found: Remote
Warning: Actions not found: Remote
Segmentation fault

and after a station scan it closes out of motv

Xconsole says

Date kernel: bttv0:PLL: 28636363 => 35468950 ... ok
Date kernel: tuner: TV freq (o.6) out of range (44-958)
Date kernel: tuner: tuner type not set
Date kernel: tuner: tuner type not set
Date kernel: linux last message repeated 52 times

In station scan mode the Xconsole spits out alot of "out of range"

The MagicTVView has an infra red remote. I have tried pressing the power
button and retrying motv but still get the same result. Nothing at all

Your help would be greatly appreciated. 

The other thing is the mouse in SuSE. With my RE 7.1 install the mouse
acted like a 3 button one and cut and paste from a console to anywhere
was a sinch but sadly SuSE mouse config didn't (so far as I could see)
offer this. Can anyone tell me how to either re-config my PS/2 mouse to
get the 3 Button simulation happening or alternatively explain a method
of copying and pasting from console to whatever.

Lastly I am in the process (SLOW STEEP) of setting up a site as a means
of getting the legal profession (or such of it as has some sense) to
move from MS to Linux and at the same time to get some of them to
capture a bit of the spirit of Jessica Litman and Lawrence Lessig and
ofcourse (Richard Stallman, Linux Torvalds sine qua non)  and get behind
the GNU/Linux Open Source and do a bit of soul searching on the
ridiculous new copyright, privacy, censorship, trade practice,
broadcasting and international treaty (WTO, GATT, G8, World Copyright
Convention) kind of stuff. 

As well as general info and specific assit set up advice info and links
I want to set up tech support by either links to other sites
(Linuxchix?) which I do with first conferring consulting informing
exchanging thoroughly with such sites. Then and/or/possibly/eventually
(demand permitting) have a tech assist list on the site itself. For now
what are peoples thoughts? 

Would anyone like me to keep you posted on progress? If there is enough
interest I might just post progress to Grrltalk.

My background and interest in all this is as an Intellectual Property
Lawyer. Please note that I am not ambulance chasing or trying to network
for clients. I do alot of pro bono stuff in Arts and Media and have a
conscience. For me it is a persoanl/political thing. I am disgusted at
what is happeinig with Copyright Laws in Aust (which ftmp are a copy of
the US DMCA sadly) and the Media Oligop in Aust is very much driving IP
and Broadcasting policy. My practice covers small independent companies
and individuals many are having trouble with rising restrictions on
access to "Works" "Subject Matter Other Than Works" not to mention TV
and Radio and Cable and Copper Wire bandwidth. Some of you may be
familiar with our Productivity Commission which has only resulted in
reserving TV for existing commercial players. I could go on but if any
of you have read Jessica Litmans's Digital Copyright or Lawrence
Lessig's Code and/or Future of Ideas books you can with a few exceptions
say ditto for here in Aust.

I hope to hear from some of you.
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