[Techtalk] What I did over the Christmas Holidays!

Jenn Vesperman jenn at anthill.echidna.id.au
Wed Jan 2 05:09:31 EST 2002

On Wed, 2002-01-02 at 04:16, David Merrill wrote:

> It sounds like there are fewer and fewer reasons to use mutt. Of
> course inertia will always play a role. At this point, a mailer would
> have to be "better" than mutt in some way (other than looks, which
> aren't that important *to* *me*). The biggest problem with mutt is
> that it's hard to learn, and I went through that learning curve long
> ago.

I'm using Evolution nowadays - we have personal machines that are
powerful enough to compile on painlessly, and three of us geeks share a
cable connection so downloading and running GUI stuff is fine for us.

I like it. It does filtering, and IMAP, and all that stuff. It has PGP
support built in. It does multiple email addresses in separate folders
if you wish.

The only glitch I have with it at the moment is that it's not
recognising/filtering the linuxchix mail into my linuxchix folder!
Other mailman lists: no problem. Linuxchix? Nope.

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