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Tue Aug 27 11:45:26 EST 2002

sorry about the strange format - i've just changed mail apps now i have
evolution installed again :)..

okay.... i can get gnome2 running with startx... or rather by doing
xinit /usr/bin/gnome-session
(startx itself just runs a terminal on a blue screen again.. hmm...
which is weird because my preferred environment is set to Enlightenment
i think, which works fine... normally on mandrake startx starts up kde,
and kde is working fine too...)

the permissions and entries for Gnome, Sawfish and Fluxbox have
disappeared overnight again... 

i've copied the old Gnome entry for gdm and renamed it 'gnome-session' -
it still keeps re-writing the permissions on boot... this is weird, any

thanx heaps again


Subject: Re: [Techtalk] gdm problem
From: "Rebecca J. Walter" <rjp at mail.tele.dk>
To: techtalk <techtalk at linuxchix.org>

A couple silly questions.

1) Are you sure you installed an appropriate WM for GNOME2?  You either
want Sawfish2 or Metacity (I recommend metacity, but it isn't available
in a fully stable release yet that I know of).

2) Can you start a GNOME2 session with startx?  It is probably startx
/usr/X11/bin/something.  I am not sure what something is.  I am using
SuSE so the way I start it may not be applicable to your system
configuration.  You may have a different path. But find one.  It might
be gnome2, it might be something different.

If you can't get it up and running right with startx, you found the
problem.  If you can get it up and running right with startx... uhm...
you have to make the correct GDM session some how.  GDM sessions confuse
me.  There ought to be help on this somewhere.  It may also be that you
can copy the old gnome session and just modify it slightly.

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