[Techtalk] Administration, was Re: Hacked on Solaris

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Wed Aug 28 15:55:23 EST 2002

> Now, the 
> password "$i.php3" may be easy to remember for you and me, but it's enough 
> for most people to choose passwords other than their first names. And 

hehe yeah...

there's a notorious story from the music dept. of a college of the
university of London, where i used to teach - one of the lecturers was
trying to decide on a password that he'd be able to remember, and the
secretary suggested he use the name of one of his kids... and he said
'no, i wouldn't be able to remember that'....!!!!!!!

then again, thats music lecturers... who are notoriously well off the
planet.... (me included ;)...


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