[Techtalk] Re: IDE Controller support

Caitlyn Martin cmartin at rateintegration.com
Mon Aug 26 16:20:08 EST 2002

Hi, everyone,

Meredydd Luff <meredydd at everybuddy.com> wrote:

> On Saturday 24 August 2002 22:52, Julie wrote:
> > The oldest desktop box in the house is a 166MHz Pentium (a
> > Dell Dimension XP 166, I think).  It used to run DELL UNIX
> > really well, and older versions of RedHat quite adequately.
> > Today it is =so= incredibly slow.
> Hah! Try grabbing a Slackware or Debian install (or reach into the
> guts of Red Hat and turn the 100s of useless services off), and watch
> your machine take off again :-)
> Seriously, I can get decent response running KDE2 from my PPro 200,
> and I still run P75 and 486 servers. The real difference, and what I
> like, abot Linux bloat isn't that it doesn't occur (although it tends
> to be quite a lot slower than Win32).

Vector Linux (Slackware derivative distro) is especially good for
building small systems.  The difference between Vector and RedHat is how
I go about building a small system.  In Red Hat I tear down.  In Vector
I build up.  The result is exactly the same in the end.

There are really good apps (server and desktop) out there that simply
don't need Gnome or KDE.  Eliminate those two desktop environments and
you eliminate a huge percentage of the bloat right off.  For many
dedicated server apps you simply don't need X at all.  Without X it's
amazing what you can get really limited hardware to run under Linux.

All the best,

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