[Techtalk] more progress on Thinkpad 600E sound

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Fri Aug 16 21:38:35 EST 2002

okay... this is where i've got so far:

had a friend look at my sound problems on sunday. looks like 
the kernel loads the modules fine, lsmod shows me that all the modules are 
there quite happily, but if i do cat /proc/interrupts i have no sound device 
showing. weird.... 

i'm going to try the new rc3 of ALSA 0.9, which apparently has a fix for 
mandrake configuration.... not sure if its going to help this particular 
problem though. interestingly i've had the same trouble on my desktop, where 
i'm also running mandrake and using an AWE 64 and a Turtle 
beach pinnacle. The AWE64 autoconfigures fine, but the Turtle beach card 
doesnt show up in /proc/interrupts at all. i've had both running successfully 
under Mandrake 8.0 - it was only since 8.1 that i've experienced these 
problems - i'd assumed it was due to me having too many bits of hardware 
jammed into the desktop machine, until i found the same problem happening on 
my laptop.... now it smells fishy....

anyone got any ideas?

thankx in advance


cat /dev/sda1 > /dev/dsp

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