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Meredydd Luff meredydd at everybuddy.com
Sun Aug 25 22:59:33 EST 2002

On Sunday 25 August 2002 22:35, Andrew wrote:
> 	Two questions:
> 	I want to put on a second monitor.(The two monitor Mac
> spoiled me) Mandrake 2.4.3, AMD 1.4, 256DDR, TNT2-AGP, Second
> graphic's card to be Nivdia-PCI, SystemBoard. KDE or Gnome, is either
> better for this?
Either is absolutely fine. The double-screen handling is done by the X server 
itself, not any environments like KDE or GNOME. All KDE/Gnome sees is a 
"screen" that's 2048x768 (in my case, as I use 2 1024x768s side-by-side). 
Later versions of KDE, I'm told, take better "hints" from the X server about 
these screens' locations, though - things like not putting dialog boxes slap 
on the boundary (which gets really irritating after a while!), but I'm sure 
later-version GNOME does too.

> 	What should I expect after installing the PCI card? It has a
> APG running now and I selected "both" PCI and AGP in bios set-up. Is
> two monitors a big problem like on windoz PC's a few years ago?
Nope. It does, however, require a bit of mucking with XFree86Config. There 
are HOWTOs out there, but I found them rather too verbose - if you want I'll 
post a quick guide for you and then follow up.

> 	RAID advice wanted (still).
Sorry, absolutely NO clue.


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